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 Avoid Airport Mistakes and Make Traveling Easier

We have all been there … You need to get to the airport early to check in for your flight and when you get there the line is out of the door with various problems: overweight bags, someone forgot their id, boarding pass will not print, and, of course, that one person who has to move to the front of the line, panicked, sweating, and clumsy because their flight takes off before your flight. Yikes! Yet, you make it. Now, you have to get through security and you have to take off your shoes, scarf, sweatshirt, watch, change, take your laptop (AND battery!), The plastic bag with your liquid items, and oh no, you remember that you wearing a underwire bra. Ugh!


You make it on the jetway and as you are dreaming of getting into your seat, putting on your neck pillow, taking out your book, and having a glass of wine, someone stops telling you that you have to check your carryon. So now, you have to take your laptop and other electronic devices while there is a line of people behind you because you do not trust leaving your expensive belongings in a unlocked suitcase. Wait, was your book in that carryon? What about your neck pillow? “Just take it, fine !!”


You reach your destination and all you want to do is get your bag and have a shower. The belt starts rumbling and the first black suitcase comes out … one minute later, the next two black suitcases come out … then a neon orange duffle bag and a suitcase wrapped in 10 layers of plastic and tape. Then it happens, one-hundred black suitcases start pouring out onto the belt. WHICH ONE IS YOURS? Let us give you a little advice. We think this list will help you save time and stress on your next trip!



It’s so easy, just a couple of clicks. And if you only have a carryon and get the boarding pass on your phone, you LITERALLY walk straight to security. If you are not that fancy then go to the machine and print your boarding pass. Just check in.


Loading the coffee before going to the airport can make you nervous (even when you say that the caffeine does not affect you), impatient, and foggy. So if something comes up, you can be calm and clear to make the best of it and see that it may not be as serious as you thought.


The ‘success’ in this statement means getting through security with ease. 

  • Wear shoes that come off and on easily.
  • Do not wear items that make the alarms go off. Just do not even put them on.
  • Keep your laptop in the top and detach the battery before you get there.
  • Dress as nice as you can if you think there may be a chance for an upgrade. It’s worth it. Many airlines may not accept certain styles of clothing for an upgrade to business or first class.


Place a little ribbon, tag or sticker on your suitcase to make it stand out from the rest; especially if you carry a dark luggage like 95% of travelers do. The weirder and brighter the tag, the faster you get out of that airport!


Do not just stand there and wait in line. Get on the phone while you’re waiting in line! Call the airline. Most likely they can get you on another flight quicker and you will not have to deal with travelers stressing out all around you or with gate agents possibly acting annoyed and responding abruptly. Who needs that before a long business flight?


  • Eat before the airport. Why would you pay for airport food when most of the time it is loaded with unhealthy ingredients, expensive, and not that tasty? And, you will not have to wait in line.
  • Bring some snacks to the plane. Again, why would you buy chips, nuts, and bananas, when you can bring it from home for ¾ of the price at the airport?
  • Bring magazines and books so AGAIN you do not waste money at the airport. You can use that money for a delicious local snack in whatever country you land in! 

Enjoy your flight …



We all know the feeling of coming home after a long business trip and finding your plants looking dry, sad, and in desperate need of hydration.  It’s like you left a living creature at home, by itself, to fend for itself! Well, don’t worry, we have a list of some of the best and easiest plants to have at home, indoors, that will still be happy when you come home. Who needs a pet when you have happy plants to come home to!


Most succulents, not all, but most need little attention to look and feel beautiful. They are green and full of plump watery leaves. They require bright light, so keep your curtains open. They also need minimal watering.  Keep them in a pot with drainage holes at the bottom. When their soil dries, water them thoroughly and let the soil completely dry between the next watering. Sometimes they can wait a month before their next drink of water! (especially in the winter) If you over water them, they get too soft and die. So even if you are gone a little longer than usual, it is better to have them dry then super watered. 


They help you breathe better

  • Succulents keep releasing oxygen through the night, so keeping them in your bedroom while you sleep ensures a night filled with oxygen and good dreams.

They have a “Zen” quality to help you relax

  • There are plenty of studies proving that focus and memory are linked to plenty of plants in the home. Succulents are great on your desk at work too because they are small.

10% of the moisture in your home comes from plants.

  • So fill up and hydrate your hair, skin, and home!


Aloe is a succulent that can be used in many ways

  • Use it on your skin not only for cuts, but also for a face mask. It is has antibacterial and antifungal properties that are super healing.


A snake plant is visually cool. Tall thin green leaves with some yellow edges. One variety is also called “the mother-in-laws tongue”. How funny is that? It can survive in many lighting conditions (even a dim corner) but prefer indirect light and they don’t need loads of water.


They absorb carbon monoxide

They battle formaldehyde


Spider plants are famous for being impossible to kill…unless you water them too much. This is the #1 cause of death among these plants.  Their long, thin, grass-like leaves grow full and gorgeous like hair! They love indirect light and humidity. If you have a bathroom with a window, then you can take a hot steamy shower with them too.  This plant is always up for some fun.


They battle formaldehyde

They are non-toxic to pets

Bonus Advice:

Brown tips on the leaves is a great indicator that the water is too harsh with minerals. Try using distilled or purified water. And trim the brown tips off!


This plant is intriguing to look at and can add texture to your home.  They look great in colorful pots and their green is vibrant and their patterns are divine. They require the soil to be dry between watering but can definitely hold their own if you forget because they hold water in their leaves.


Viewed as LUCKY in Brazil

Purifies the air in your home


Our favorite bromeliad is the Aechmea. Its leaves are GORGEOUS! They have a beautiful pink flower in the middle that eventually dies, but that is ok because it grows back.  These plants can withstand a drought. In low humidity, they can last 1-2 months without water and need bright light but not direct sunlight. They make you happy and live to make you smile.


They are so beautiful that you won’t be able to think about anything else that is bothering you

These are just a few to keep in mind while you have the need to beautify your home with plants but also don’t want the responsibly of them dying.  They need such minimal care that you will feel great about yourself for keeping them alive! We see that as a Win- Win.

Ηοw to Beat Jet Lag in 2018

Do you often feel extremely sleepy and yearning to be in your hotel bed at 2 pm during an important business trip in Beijing?  Jet Lag can be tough to beat, especially if you can’t sleep on airplanes.

First of all, let’s understand what is to blame: your circadian rhythm. So next time you want to blame the flight or the coffee, take a second and blame Mr. Rhythm.  Fortunately, there are still some things you can do to help balance this annoying guy.

We have some advice from our experiences as travelers of the world.


Rise and Shine

  • If you are traveling east, a few days before your trip you can wake up a couple of hours earlier. If you are traveling west, sleep a couple of hours later if possible.
  • If you can sleep on the airplane, coordinate your sleep with the destination. In some cases, you SHOULD NOT sleep on the plane.
  • Get as much daylight as you can once you reach your destination. Sunshine feeds Mr. Rhythm.
  • If you reach your destination (home or away) by 10:30 am, you can probably squeeze in a quick nap. After 10:30, don’t even think about it. Get some exercise and an espresso.


During the Day

  • Go for a walk, run, or the hotel gym.
  • Don’t load up on caffeine all day long. You will either get a burst of quick energy and then crash or stay up all night. Even if you think caffeine doesn’t affect you, your sleep quality begs to differ.
  • Take off those shoes! If possible, sit outside, go to a park and rub your feet onto the earth. Earth has a negative ion charge and balances our energy for free. The atmosphere is full of positive ions, which ironically have negative effects such as sleeplessness, irritability, tension, migraines, and nausea. So roll down a hill with your clothes off!
  • Drink TONS of water. Traveling dehydrates even the best of us.
  • Although you will find information claiming that food doesn’t really matter for jet lag, we beg to differ. Loading up on sugary and starchy foods your first day will only make you crash harder.


At Night

  • Go to bed at a normal time. We know, you have work functions and dinners and all that fun stuff. All we ask is that you try, just for the first night!
  • Then, wake up early. (or at least 8 hours later) Don’t sleep in until 11 am and say that your body needed the 13 hours of sleep because of what it missed out on the night before. That’s not true. If you missed sleeping the night before, it’s over. You can’t make that back up. It’s history. Let it go.
  • Keep your curtains open so the natural morning light will wake you up. Mr. Rhythm loves light remember?
  • If you want to take something homeopathic, check with your doctor if this is ok for you. We have heard wonders.
  • Essential oils – lavender is a great one for night time relaxation.

Interview with Captain Taso

Our client, Captain Taso, has been traveling the world for 30 years communicating with clouds, rain, lightening, and the atmosphere above our lovely planet Earth.  Sounds amazing right? Well, as everything has it’s pros and cons, so does his career.  Taso loves what he does and wouldn’t change it for the world, but the biggest con he must encounter frequently is leaving his home for months on end, while sleeping in foreign beds, and worrying about how to take care of things while being in two places at the same time; work and home.  As we know, a teleport doesn’t exist yet (or does it??) and that option isn’t possible.  Luckily he found YouTravel i Care to cushion the con and make it a pro! 
Thanks for being with us today Taso.
You have been a Captain in the sky for 30 years! You also train pilots in flight simulation schools around the world.  That’s a lot of flying!
Why did you become a pilot?
From a small child I was in love with airplanes. I used to draw airplanes in school and would stare up at the sky to see them any chance I had.
So my dreams had to become realty because there was nothing else that I ever wanted to do.
How did you become a pilot? What did you study?
I didn’t become a pilot right away. I wanted to understand first how an airplane actually flies. For three years I studied aircraft engineering in Oxford, England. Then I went to Vero Beach, Florida in the United States to get certified as an actual pilot. And my dream to fly began after that! And it has been 30 years already.
Time really doe fly! What is your favorite part of being a pilot?
First and foremost, the traveling!  You always see new places and meet new people. Different cultures, philosophies… You recognize different things about yourself. Every day is something different, a new day with new experiences. Most of your life you are in the air, with nature and communicating with the rain, wind, lightening…
What is the most interesting place you have flown to or over?
When I was a young pilot I remember flying over Cape Canaveral in Florida.  I got a special clearance to directly fly over the Air Force Station.  It was an experience of a lifetime.  As if soon, you will be on your way to the moon!
What about the most difficult flight you have had?
One of the most dangerous flights, was flying over Afghanistan during a period of war.  It was like a movie, cinematic experience.  I was in an environment of enemy wartime.  Even in those times, it was still a necessary trip and an experience all in all.
That must have been scary
Oh yes, scary, it was. It had a mix of every emotion. 
What is your favorite country that you have been to?
The most interesting country I have been to is India.  I work there now as an instructor. I train new co-pilots.  I love the people’s philosophy, communicating with society, and watching how they live their lives.  You feel as though every day you can learn many things about yourself there.  I believe that India is the perfect place for those that want to discover more about themselves.
How is the food?
It is pretty strange for those of us that are accustom to Mediterranean food.  It’s spicer, that is for sure.  But their base for most dishes, rice, helps me very much internally.  I really like their food… spicy, but I like it!
What is a city or country that you have not been to and you would love to fly to?
Australia! I have never been and really want to fly there.  Someday I believe that I will go there.
What is life like being a pilot? 
It is interesting, tiring, demanding.  It has a little of everything.  The one thing it doesnt’ have is boredom.  When you love what you do, you get a taste of everything and enjoy it.  Different people, countries, food… and a different way of life than what you are used to.  The one thing is that you don’t know where you will be tomorrow. One day you are in Paris, then suddenly you are in Dubai, then Israel, then suddenly you are on your way to Africa. It is totally unexpected!
You are gone for long periods of time then huh?
Yes, recently I have been away from Greece for 2-3 months.
I’ll return for 15-20 days, then I leave again. The last two years, this is how my life has been.
How did you hear about You Travel i Care and decide to try it?
I learned about it from an old co-worker when I worked for Olympic Airways.  She started this business and let me know that she is was trying something new that will help many people that have a career just like mine. Basically, that leave their homes for long periods of time.  Those who leave behind certain responsibilities, and are always thinking did I do this or that, did I pay this? Who will take are of my pet?  What about my plants? Will my house be ok while I am gone?  I always thought this way so I figured I would try it!
You have been working with us for 6 months now! What services do we provide for you that make you feel secure when you are away?
Taking care of my rabbit. 
When I say take care, I mean literally in every way.  You take care of her in your own space. If she needs to go to the Vet, you are there for that as well. 
I always feel safe, that all will be well with my rabbit and she will be happy.   
Paying all my new incoming bills that I don’t pay online. 
I used to come home and my electricity was cut off, or my water…Now I feel safe that someone is there to take care of all of that while I am away and I can come home and take a shower!
Taking me to the airport. I feel like someone really cares about me! They take me, they are there waiting for me when I return to take me home.  Going back and forth to the airport is tiring, so when someone is waiting for me, it makes me feel more comfortable.
Taking care of my house plants. I used to return and they were all dead and dried up!
Picking up my mail and bringing it inside. 
It used to pile up and it’s not good for others to see that there is so much mail because they will know that you are away and that leaves your home vulnerable to burglary.
Running to the Supermarket and arranging for House Cleaning.
My home is clean when I return with certain foods in my fridge so I don’t have to run to the supermarket.  I return so tired so that is really important to me.
Taking care of any secretarial needs.  The last time I was away, you helped with all the paperwork for the sale of one of my homes, ran to the bank,  helped pay my taxes, picked up certain documents…. Anything to do with insurance etc… I am certain that everything is taken care of.
They simply emanate an energy of safety and assurance that when I am gone, all is good back at home.
I see that we CARE a lot! (wink wink) 
Do you have a specific assistant you work with or many?
The last 6 months, I have had the same personal assistant. She knows exactly what my needs are and I like that.  Our working relationship is flawless.  
Why do you recommend You Travel i Care?
I recommend it, without a doubt, to someone who does similar work like mine, or simply is away from home for long periods of time.  It is so important to be away from home, but feel that you still are at home.  I may be in India, but I feel as though I am here, in Greece, taking care of everything that needs to be done and that a person exists to help me and take care of everything just as I would do for myself.
We are happy that we can do that for you and we look forward to taking care of you more in the future. After all, it’s in our name:  You Travel, i care. Happy New Year!