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Silver Care

You Travel i Care visits your home and takes on the responsibility to offer help and care with a full package of 9 needs that we like to call: The Silver Care package.

1. Secretarial Support
Administrative Work

While you are abroad, we offer Secretarial Support by taking care of any of the following Services you need:


  • Compose any professional letters
  • Keep record of all documents
  • Organize and send emails
2. Pet Care

With You Travel i Care, you do not have to worry about leaving your favorite pet or who will care for it. Yes, we love dogs, kittens, birds, and more. We really love all animals!

We will:

  • Host your pet without using a cage
  • Take care of it just as you would, offering personal care, touch, and love
  • Send you photos of your pet
3. Correspondence Updates
Bill Payment

Although you have the ability to pay bills with e-banking, you are already traveling and the multiple accounts may be an additional concern.


We are here to put you at ease.

12 ytic
4. Landscaping Care

You Travel i Care loves all nature. We can transport your indoor plants to our premises or treat your outdoor landscaping.


Our team will water your plants as necessary.

7 ytic
5.  E-mail Correspondence for Home Developments

Your building manager will be able to contact us 24 hours a day for any developments at your home for us to assess and respond to the immediately.

you travel i care4
6. Airport Τransfer

Give a gift to yourself, feel cared for, and choose the You Travel i Care transfer service to and from the airport.

You no longer need to take public transportation to get to and from the airport, nor do you need to leave your car in the airport parking lot.


7. Welcome Home Preparations

We will prepare your home for your return! We take care of your grocery list, so you can have access to your favorite foods immediately when you return without any trouble.  We can also arrange to have fresh flowers and wood for your fireplace upon your return. These services are adjustable to your needs.

8. Housekeeping

There is nothing more beautiful than returning home to a sparkling clean home! You will find your home smelling fresh and exactly how you want it, ready to welcome you and your friends. By choosing our services, you won’t need any time to adjust because everything will be taken care of by us.

9. Ironing Service

Yes, we even take care of the ironing! Probably the most time-consuming job in the house…but at the same time, very important to the organization of the home and our personal appearance.  Your favorite clothing will be waiting and smelling fresh in your closet, while the only thing you have to do is organize the next event with friends and family.

What? You just returned and you haven’t had a chance to talk with them yet? Don’t worry, You Travel i Care will take care of that too from within the Secretarial Support package…