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Do you ever wonder what your pets are thinking when you are away?

Do you ever wonder what your pets are thinking when you are away? Maybe you envision them throwing a party and running around in circles or maybe you hear them crying by the door and you can’t imagine how lonely they may be. Either way, pets have feeling right?! Plus, they LOVE you unconditionally! That is the beauty of having a loving little creature in your home.

Luckily for you there are some signs that your pet is expressing if he/she is happy or not happy and some tips and ideas about what you can do when you are gone for the day. (If you are gone for longer, OBVIOUSLY our team at You Travel i Care will be there 24/7 to help take care of your furry friend!)

WHEN YOU COME HOME…And you say “What happened here?”

Dogs like to really show you they are upset my tearing down anything they can get their paws (or mouth) on like the garbage for instance! Don’t leave your favorite pair of shoes out because that just may be their mid-afternoon snack. Although sometimes they just want to cuddle with something that smells like you 🙂

Cats may just pee on our favorite chair. Subtle, yet direct right? Or they may scratch up your furniture and tear apart papers or mail.

Other animals in cages like birds, hamsters, etc… may knock over their food so you find a nice pile of it on the floor when you get home or they may lose their feathers. All of these are ways that they want to say “Where are you? I miss you so much!”

Although cats have the reputation of being tough and in need of alone time, some can really suffer from separation anxiety. You will be able to tell in their behavior, appearance, and surroundings right when you get home. Pay close attention.

Dogs may cry almost all day. If things get really destructive while you are away that is a major sign of separation anxiety and there are some things you can do to help.

Tricks to Help

  • Leaving a radio on to a news program where people are actually talking.
  • Hiding new or special toys and treats around the house for little fun surprises throughout the day will keep them occupied
  • Keeping your suitcase in the bedroom out of your pets way is a good idea. Animals understand when you are getting ready to leave them and it gives them anxiety for days when they sense it.
  • Making time for them in the morning before you leave. Set your alarm earlier so you have to time to snuggle with them or go on a long walk.
  • Knowing that when you get home, they have been waiting for you and they need immediate attention!
  • Remembering that You Travel I Care will be able to give your animal all the love in the world when you are away longterm.


Elli Z.