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Here are some tips for you to make your homecoming 100 times better.

Extended travel for many reasons can be fun but tiring. Sometimes just tiring, sometimes just fun, but the reality is, there is no place like home. The feeling you get when you unlock the door, drop your suitcase, and look around at all of the things around your home that make you, well, YOU, is full of comfort, love, and safety. What a great feeling, right?

Here are some tips for you to make your homecoming 100 times better.


When all of your bills are paid on time and you owe NOTHING to nobody, it brings a feeling of assurance. You might want to drop your suitcase at the door and lay on the couch in front of your tv or take a hot shower and relax, but if you haven’t paid your electric or water bill, that won’t happen. So, make a list of all your major bills so you are ahead of the game.


You may know the feeling of coming home to dry, dead plants. You scramble to figure out a way to save them so that they can offer you oxygen again! It’s stressful. They look sad, which makes you sad. You almost feel like a bad parent.
Now think about when you come home to lush green plants full of color and life. You instantly breathe better and your soul is happy. So, make sure you have a special someone that loves plants and will take care of yours just as you would.


You just walked into your home after a month long business trip and you are thirsty and hungry. Of course, you are because the airline didn’t offer any food but nuts! You were off your schedule for so long that your stomach is longing for the freshest and most delicious foods you are used to. You walk over to your refrigerator and open it up to find moldy bread, old hard cheese, a brown apple, and spoiled yogurt. WHAT HAPPENS NOW?! Yes, you can call for delivery, but that is more money spent and not as healthy as you want to get you back on schedule. So, before you leave, make certain that a trusted person knows and cares about what you love to eat and will fill your refrigerator with ALL the colors on Earth to bring joy to your heart, soul, and most importantly, your belly!


A hot shower, clean pajamas, a cup of tea, and a snack sounds like the perfect night after your return home. Then it comes for bedtime. You can’t wait to lay on your own comfortable mattress and rest your body the way it knows best. You get into your bed and your sheets smell like they have been hanging outside by the dirt for a month! But what if they smelled of fresh relaxing lavender so your mind can drift off into a dream within minutes? Then you would wake up the next ready to save the world! So, set up for house cleaning services to clean your home the day before you return.


When you live in an organized space, your life is organized. Visual clutter actually clutters your brain which inhibits productivity. You know what it’s like to come home and see dishes in the sink, papers everywhere, a pile of laundry, and a dirty floor, don’t you? It instantly gives you anxiety that you have so much to do tomorrow! So, again, find someone to set up a service for you to take care of all of it, so you come home and you don’t have to lift one finger. You will feel relaxed and clear minded to do all the things that only you want to do, not have to do.

It’s simple: find a service that can do all of that for you! At You Travel i Care, that is what we are here for: to make you feel warm, relaxed, and organized when you return home to the safest most pleasant space on Earth, your home.