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Avoid Airport Mistakes and Make Traveling Easier

We have all been there … You need to get to the airport early to check in for your flight and when you get there the line is out of the door with various problems: overweight bags, someone forgot their id, boarding pass will not print, and, of course, that one person who has to move to the front of the line, panicked, sweating, and clumsy because their flight takes off before your flight. Yikes! Yet, you make it. Now, you have to get through security and you have to take off your shoes, scarf, sweatshirt, watch, change, take your laptop (AND battery!), The plastic bag with your liquid items, and oh no, you remember that you wearing a underwire bra. Ugh!

You make it on the jetway and as you are dreaming of getting into your seat, putting on your neck pillow, taking out your book, and having a glass of wine, someone stops telling you that you have to check your carryon. So now, you have to take your laptop and other electronic devices while there is a line of people behind you because you do not trust leaving your expensive belongings in a unlocked suitcase. Wait, was your book in that carryon? What about your neck pillow? “Just take it, fine !!”

You reach your destination and all you want to do is get your bag and have a shower. The belt starts rumbling and the first black suitcase comes out … one minute later, the next two black suitcases come out … then a neon orange duffle bag and a suitcase wrapped in 10 layers of plastic and tape. Then it happens, one-hundred black suitcases start pouring out onto the belt. WHICH ONE IS YOURS? Let us give you a little advice. We think this list will help you save time and stress on your next trip!


It’s so easy, just a couple of clicks. And if you only have a carryon and get the boarding pass on your phone, you LITERALLY walk straight to security. If you are not that fancy then go to the machine and print your boarding pass. Just check in.


Loading the coffee before going to the airport can make you nervous (even when you say that the caffeine does not affect you), impatient, and foggy. So if something comes up, you can be calm and clear to make the best of it and see that it may not be as serious as you thought.


The ‘success’ in this statement means getting through security with ease.

Wear shoes that come off and on easily.
Do not wear items that make the alarms go off. Just do not even put them on.
Keep your laptop in the top and detach the battery before you get there.
Dress as nice as you can if you think there may be a chance for an upgrade. It’s worth it. Many airlines may not accept certain styles of clothing for an upgrade to business or first class.


Place a little ribbon, tag or sticker on your suitcase to make it stand out from the rest; especially if you carry a dark luggage like 95% of travelers do. The weirder and brighter the tag, the faster you get out of that airport!


Do not just stand there and wait in line. Get on the phone while you’re waiting in line! Call the airline. Most likely they can get you on another flight quicker and you will not have to deal with travelers stressing out all around you or with gate agents possibly acting annoyed and responding abruptly. Who needs that before a long business flight?


Eat before the airport. Why would you pay for airport food when most of the time it is loaded with unhealthy ingredients, expensive, and not that tasty? And, you will not have to wait in line.

Bring some snacks to the plane. Again, why would you buy chips, nuts, and bananas, when you can bring it from home for ¾ of the price at the airport?

Bring magazines and books so AGAIN you do not waste money at the airport. You can use that money for a delicious local snack in whatever country you land in!

Enjoy your flight …