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Best Plants to have at home if you travel often

We all know the feeling of coming home after a long business trip and finding your plants looking dry, sad, and in desperate need of hydration.  It’s like you left a living creature at home, by itself, to fend for itself! Well, don’t worry, we have a list of some of the best and easiest plants to have at home, indoors, that will still be happy when you come home. Who needs a pet when you have happy plants to come home to!


Most succulents, not all, but most need little attention to look and feel beautiful. They are green and full of plump watery leaves. They require bright light, so keep your curtains open. They also need minimal watering.  Keep them in a pot with drainage holes at the bottom. When their soil dries, water them thoroughly and let the soil completely dry between the next watering. Sometimes they can wait a month before their next drink of water! (especially in the winter) If you over water them, they get too soft and die. So even if you are gone a little longer than usual, it is better to have them dry then super watered. 


They help you breathe better

  • Succulents keep releasing oxygen through the night, so keeping them in your bedroom while you sleep ensures a night filled with oxygen and good dreams.

They have a “Zen” quality to help you relax

  • There are plenty of studies proving that focus and memory are linked to plenty of plants in the home. Succulents are great on your desk at work too because they are small.

10% of the moisture in your home comes from plants.

  • So fill up and hydrate your hair, skin, and home!


Aloe is a succulent that can be used in many ways

  • Use it on your skin not only for cuts, but also for a face mask. It is has antibacterial and antifungal properties that are super healing.



A snake plant is visually cool. Tall thin green leaves with some yellow edges. One variety is also called “the mother-in-laws tongue”. How funny is that? It can survive in many lighting conditions (even a dim corner) but prefer indirect light and they don’t need loads of water.


They absorb carbon monoxide

They battle formaldehyde


Spider plants are famous for being impossible to kill…unless you water them too much. This is the #1 cause of death among these plants.  Their long, thin, grass-like leaves grow full and gorgeous like hair! They love indirect light and humidity. If you have a bathroom with a window, then you can take a hot steamy shower with them too.  This plant is always up for some fun.


They battle formaldehyde

They are non-toxic to pets

Bonus Advice:

Brown tips on the leaves is a great indicator that the water is too harsh with minerals. Try using distilled or purified water. And trim the brown tips off!


This plant is intriguing to look at and can add texture to your home.  They look great in colorful pots and their green is vibrant and their patterns are divine. They require the soil to be dry between watering but can definitely hold their own if you forget because they hold water in their leaves.


Viewed as LUCKY in Brazil

Purifies the air in your home


Our favorite bromeliad is the Aechmea. Its leaves are GORGEOUS! They have a beautiful pink flower in the middle that eventually dies, but that is ok because it grows back.  These plants can withstand a drought. In low humidity, they can last 1-2 months without water and need bright light but not direct sunlight. They make you happy and live to make you smile.


They are so beautiful that you won’t be able to think about anything else that is bothering you

These are just a few to keep in mind while you have the need to beautify your home with plants but also don’t want the responsibly of them dying.  They need such minimal care that you will feel great about yourself for keeping them alive! We see that as a Win- Win.