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How to Beat Jet Lag in 2018

Do you often feel extremely sleepy and yearning to be in your hotel bed at 2 pm during an important business trip in Beijing?  Jet Lag can be tough to beat, especially if you can’t sleep on airplanes.

First of all, let’s understand what is to blame: your circadian rhythm. So next time you want to blame the flight or the coffee, take a second and blame Mr. Rhythm.  Fortunately, there are still some things you can do to help balance this annoying guy.

We have some advice from our experiences as travelers of the world.


Rise and Shine

  • If you are traveling east, a few days before your trip you can wake up a couple of hours earlier. If you are traveling west, sleep a couple of hours later if possible.
  • If you can sleep on the airplane, coordinate your sleep with the destination. In some cases, you SHOULD NOT sleep on the plane.
  • Get as much daylight as you can once you reach your destination. Sunshine feeds Mr. Rhythm.
  • If you reach your destination (home or away) by 10:30 am, you can probably squeeze in a quick nap. After 10:30, don’t even think about it. Get some exercise and an espresso.


During the Day

  • Go for a walk, run, or the hotel gym.
  • Don’t load up on caffeine all day long. You will either get a burst of quick energy and then crash or stay up all night. Even if you think caffeine doesn’t affect you, your sleep quality begs to differ.
  • Take off those shoes! If possible, sit outside, go to a park and rub your feet onto the earth. Earth has a negative ion charge and balances our energy for free. The atmosphere is full of positive ions, which ironically have negative effects such as sleeplessness, irritability, tension, migraines, and nausea. So roll down a hill with your clothes off!
  • Drink TONS of water. Traveling dehydrates even the best of us.
  • Although you will find information claiming that food doesn’t really matter for jet lag, we beg to differ. Loading up on sugary and starchy foods your first day will only make you crash harder.


At Night

  • Go to bed at a normal time. We know, you have work functions and dinners and all that fun stuff. All we ask is that you try, just for the first night!
  • Then, wake up early. (or at least 8 hours later) Don’t sleep in until 11 am and say that your body needed the 13 hours of sleep because of what it missed out on the night before. That’s not true. If you missed sleeping the night before, it’s over. You can’t make that back up. It’s history. Let it go.
  • Keep your curtains open so the natural morning light will wake you up. Mr. Rhythm loves light remember?
  • If you want to take something homeopathic, check with your doctor if this is ok for you. We have heard wonders.
  • Essential oils – lavender is a great one for night time relaxation.